COVID-19 Policies

COVID19 Policies

Health Policies

The German Swing Dance Club e.B. is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of every community member through implementation of best practices based on the advice of health professionals and state recommendations. We will continue to update our guidelines to accommodate current health recommendations for Germany.

The following policies will be in effect for 2021.

Vaccine Policy

Berlin Swing Revolution is a vaccine-only event. Entry into the event will require evidence of full vaccination with an EU approved vaccine by:

  • Presentation of vaccination card OR vaccination passport AND
  • Presentation of Passport OR id card

Test Policy

In addition to only having fully vaccincated people at the event, we keep the option to conduct quick tests aprrox. every 24h for all participants and staff members. Alternatively, you can show us a less than 24h old official negative test result, e.g. if you needed one for your travel already. The tests will be provided by us, free of charge.

If you test positive at the event, we will conduct a second quick test. If both tests are positive, you will be asked to leave the event. We suggest you self-isolate. For questions about local travel rules or if you need any help, please contact the event staff.

Please consider purchasing for the COVID-19 insurance we are offering you during registration to get your ticket refunded in case you get sick.

Options for testing

  1. you can provide an official test result (printed or digital) from a test station. For participants with residence in Germany, this is the recommended option (since the tests are free). This option also allows you to use the test result in other situations (bars, restaurants, ...) if required.

  2. you can take a video-self test. This provides a digital test certificate as well.

  3. Point of Care self test at the venue. We provide the tests for a self-test at the venue. Please prepare for the 15 minutes extra time for the test result and expect waiting times - come early!

Other Health Policies

  • Plenty of hand sanitizer will be available in the venue, please use it at your own discretion.
  • Regular venting breaks will be implemented throughout the weekend.
  • While there will be no mask mandate in the venue, we suggest to use masks.

Falsifying Health Information

Attendees who provide falsified records or otherwise intentionally mislead the event about their vaccination or test status shall receive a lifetime ban from all German Swing Dance Clug e.V. events and its partner events.

Events included (List updated 10.10.21):

  • Bavarian Open
  • Berlin Swing Revolution
  • Liberty Swing
  • Municorn Swing
  • Westie Spring Thing
  • Wild Wild Westie

For all partners with a full vaccination policy, we will institute a reciprocal ban for falsification of vaccination evidence at the partner event.