Select Tickets

There is only one ticket at the Berlin Swing Revolution and it includes:

  • leveled workshops
  • 3 parties
  • access to competitions

  • Prices go up 10 Euros every 40 tickets.

  • Advanced dancers get a 30% discount on the starting price
  • All-Star dancers get a 100% discount on the starting price

You can add your competitions and additional tickets afterwards.

  • All-Star & Advanced passes: Division at the time of purchase counts.

  • If you have won a Free Pass, please put the event(or if you have the voucher code) into the comment field. Free passes underlie the same restrictions as all tickets (availability & role balance).

  • If you register with a specific partner, please put the name in the comment field. We can not accept adding a partner to your registration after the fact.

Need more than 10 tickets? Contact us for group discounts.

Thank you and see you in Berlin in December!


We are offering a special 2h Bootcamp on Saturday evening. For 25€ you get 2 hours of West Coast Swing basics and access to the party, so you can watch the Jack & Jill finals and try out what you just learned. The classes will be held in German and English!

Just come by at 6PM and get your ticket at the check-in desk.

Day and Party Tickets

(available only at the door, limitations may apply, only when not sold out!)

We offer you the opportunity to join the event for a single day or just for the parties. Full day tickets allow you to participate in competitions, party access does not!

  Full Day   Party access
Thursday - 5 €
Friday 80 € 25 €
Saturday 80 € 25 €
Sunday 80 € 15 €

Spectator Pass: 10 € (allows to watch the Jack & Jill prelims on Saturday Afternoon)