COVID-19 policies

Which vaccines are accepted?

Due to the requirements for events, we can onnly accept EU approved vaccines. These are at this moment (2021-10-12):

  • Moderna (Spikevax)
  • Astra Zeneca (Vaxzevria)
  • Biontech/Pfizer (Comirnaty)
  • Johnson & Johnson (Janssen COVID-19 vaccine)

I am vaccinated with another vaccine. Can I still come?

There are a few option when we can accept other vaccines. Please contact us via mail.

I recovered from COVID-19, can I join the event?

The event will only admit fully vaccinated people, having recovered from COVID-19 is not enough. But if you did, there is enough time to get a single shot and 2 weeks later you are considered fully vaccinated.

I am not vaccinated, but I bought a ticket. Can I get a refund?

We are very sorry, but during registration we ask if you are vaccinated and have understood the COVID-19 rules. You could only proceed after confirming this. We can not refund your ticket.

I am fully vaccinated/ I already have a booster shot. Why do I have to get tested daily?

We want to provide the most secure environment possible, so everybody can be comfortable and feel safe being at the event, not wearing masks even in a crowded space. For that reason, we decided to add the additional tests to the event - independent of how many vaccinations against COVID-19 you already had.

This rule is applied to everyone, including all the staff, pros, and the staff of the venue, with no exceptions.

Official test result within the last 24h (e.g. from travel) can replace the daily test for that day only.

I have recovered from COVID-19, can I provide an antibody test instead of being vaccinated?

Unfortunately we cannot accept an antibody test as a replacement for proof of vaccination. We decided to make the event vaccination only due to three reasons:

  • According to the latest data from the US and UK, there are 3-5 times more breakthrough infections for natural immunity than for vaccinations.
  • There is no standardized measure of (sufficient) existing antibody levels, making it impossible for us to check securely.
  • there is no medical reason not to get vaccinated after natural infection (in fact, the combination is some of the best protection currently possible).

Substituting with a test will also not be possible since we are testing everybody everyday on top of the vaccination requirement anyway.

Passes (2021 Edition)

Why do you only offer full passes this year?

The venue for this year as well as COVID-19 policies and event restrictions in Berlin give us limited space. In order to provide you with a quality event, we can not offer party passes or otherwise discounted passes. This way we make sure the event can happen this year and in the future.

Why are discounted advanced and all-star passes limited this year?

We want dancer of all levels at the event and make sure all divisions can happen. But the venue for this year as well as COVID-19 policies and event restrictions in Berlin give us limited space. In order to provide you with a quality event, we can not offer unlimited discounted passes for advanced and all-star dancers. Please support our event by getting the tickets at full price. This way we make sure the event can happen this year and in the future.

Are you offering group discounts this year?

The venue for this year as well as COVID-19 policies and event restrictions in Berlin give us limited space. In order to provide you with a quality event, we can not offer any group discounts this year.

I won a free pass for Berlin Swing Revolution 2020, can I use it this year?

Yes you can, but since we are not offering a party pass this year, we kindly ask you to upgrade it to a full pass. Alternatively we allow you to keep the free pass for 2022

I won a free pass for 2020, but I am not able to join the event this year. Can I use the free pass next year?

Yes, even though we normally do not transfer free passes to later years, we are making an exception this time. No matter the reason, you can use your 2020 free pass in 2022.

I won a free pass for an earlier Berlin Swing Revolution, but wasn't able to use it. Is it still valid for this year or any future year?

No, free passes we give out as prices are always tied to a specific year. If you cannot use it that year, the free pass expires. This is similar to you winning a concert ticket and not using it for the concert. The only exception to this rule are free passes given out between Berlin Swing Revolution 2019 and the start of the pandemic (spring 2020).

I contracted COVID-19, can I get a refund for my ticket?

If you opted for the COVID-19 insurance during registration and can proove a positive COVID-19 infection, then yes, you will get a refund. Please send us an email with the proof and we will get right to it.

If you did not purchase the COVID-19 insurance, we are sorry, but there will be no refund possible. You can still transfer your ticket to someone else, see here for details.

I didn't purchase the covid ticket insurance when I bought my ticket. Can I still do it now?

If you did not buy the insurance wiht your ticket, the insurer asks for a negative covid test result (official test certificate, self test not sufficient) from the time of purchase of the insurance to proof that you are not currently infected.

It will not be possible to add the insurance after November 25, 2021 (2 weeks before the event starts)


I can't come to the event, can I get a refund?

All ticket sales are final, so there are no refunds. But you can transfer your ticket so someone else. Please check the terms on details for ticket transfers.

I won a free pass, what does it include?

Free passes are generally party passes and give you access to the parties and competitions.

I won a free pass, but I would like to participate in the workshops. Is there a way to do that?

You can always upgrade your free pass to another type of pass. You only pay the difference between the party pass and the pass you are choosing. If the pass you are choosing costs less than the party pass, there are not payouts of the difference.


I forgot to sign up for the competitions I want to participate in. Is there a way to add them to my registration?

Yes, you can always sign up for the competition at the event. Normally until about 2 hours before they start. We encourage you to do it as early as possible.

I got promoted to a new division, but I signed up for the lower one. How do I change my registration?

No worries, we check all divisions before the competition and make sure everyone is in there correct division. You can also remind us when you come and get your BIB number.

I got my last point(s) to get promoted last weekend and the points are not online yet. What do I do?

Please talk directly to our registration desk. If you can provide proof, we can allow you to dance in your new division. We need you to fill out a petition (provided at the registration desk). Proof may be an email from head judge or organizer of the event, photo of the competition results and other.

I decided to withdraw from the competition, but already signed up and paid. Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can withdraw at any time. Until 2h before the scheduled start of your competition, you will receive a full refund of your competition fees. After that, we can not refund you, sorry.

WSDC status

What is the WSDC status for Berlin Swing Revolution 2021?

After being in limbo for some while, the WSDC denied our request to use the event venue of 2021, on grounds of being a dance studio that also offers WCS classes.

This means Berlin Swing Revolution 2021 does NOT have WSDC status.

Will the event happen if WSDC denies the venue change?

Yes. We decided to run the event against all odds and despite the decision of WSDC. Your event director will cover any financial loss personally.

What was the situation with the pending WSDC confirmation?

Due to COVID-19 policies and event restrictions in Berlin, we can't use the venue we used last time. Instead we decided to go back to the venue from 2016. Even though the event already has happened there before, WSDC denied the venue change.

Are you doing anything about it? Will you appeal their decision?

We are still in communication with the WSDC, and we published an open letter. What will happen in the future is still being discussed.

Can you give some background information what exaclty went on?

Here is what we published on Facebook when we received the news (October 15, 2021):

Dear dancers,

this morning, we finally heard back from the WSDC. Sadly, they denied our request to hold the event at Werk36 this year on the grounds of the event space being used as a dance studio as well. We really hoped the board would make an exception to the rule that WCS events cannot be held in dance studios since the venue change had been made to ensure the event will be as safe as possible and in accordance with the rules laid out in Berlin - which would have not been possible by holding it in a shared hotel event space. Taken together with the fact that this year's location already hosted a WSDC approved Berlin Swing Revolution in 2016, we were confident that we could provide you with a safe space to dance as well as WSDC pointed competitions. Sadly it looks like this will now not be possible.

Our main concern now is whether or not we can make Berlin Swing Revolution happen or not. We asked you during pre-registration if you would be coming in case the WSDC denied registry status. So far, 45% of you answered that question with "yes". Unfortunately this would not be enough to be able to run the event at cost.

Our next step now will be an e-mail sent to all of you who did not check the "I would come anyway" box with the updated situation to see if enough of you would be willing to change your mind. Based on those numbers we will make a final go/no go decision until Sunday, October 17 2021 22:00 CES.

In case we are able to make the event happen, the missing WSDC approval would not change anything about the event itself of course:

  • there would be leveled workshops with great teachers
  • there would be all night long dancing for 3 nights (4 if you count the pre-party)
  • there would be Jack & Jill competitions, run with the same high standards we always run them, and according to WSDC rules. Including awards and prices

We apologize for the added insecurity and hope you will bear with us until Sunday. We really wished the situation was different and are baffled by the board's decision here. We still strive to make Berlin Swing Revolution a roaring return to dance this year, with the highest safety standards for a comfortable environment in which dance, hugs and room parties can thrive. The next two days will determine whether this will be possible or not.