December 6-9, 2018
in Berlin, Germany

Three days of dancing, workshops, competition and a lot of fun in the capital of Germany.

This year, in a historical place - Checkpoint Charlie, right at the border between east and west.

Be there when we continue the Swing Revolution!


The Swing Revolution has a new home: the hotel Angleterre in central Berlin, making the Berlin Swing Revolution the first German hotel event ever.

Location & Travel Infos  


The Short Version:

  • we will have a Pre Party on Thursday at Schrittvermittlung (Grünberger Straße 44a, 10245 Berlin), starting at 9PM
  • we start Friday afternoon at 2PM
  • we finish Monday morning around 5AM

What happens inbetween? Dancing!



your Teachers

  • John Kirkconnell (Vancouver, Canada) & Alyssa Glanville (San Francisco, USA)
  • Lee Easton & Fabienne Henshal (London, UK)
  • Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elizarova (Moscow, Russia)
  • Stephen White & Sonya Dessureault (Jacksonville, USA)
  • Philipp Wolff & Ekaterina Egorova (Freiburg, Germany)

your DJs

  • Justin Peterson (London, UK)
  • Philipp Wolff (Freiburg, Germany)
  • Anastasia Leonenko (Moscow, Russia)
  • Olha Ruban (Kiev, Ukraine)

and some additional awesome DJs with guest sets!

and the Team

  • Evgenia Itkina - local supervisor
  • Ella Hiesch - event coordinator
  • Anja Christina - official event photographer
  • Agata Nitka - scorer
  • Dirk Haage - event director