Select Tickets

There is only one ticket at the Berlin Swing Revolution and it includes:

  • leveled workshops
  • 3 parties
  • access to competitions

You can add your competitions and additional tickets afterwards.

  • All-Star & Advanced discounted passes: Division at the time of purchase counts. Holder of discounted passes might be ask to judge some competitions.

  • If you register with a specific partner, please add them during registration time. We can not accept adding a partner to your registration after the fact.

Free Passes

If you won a free pass in 2019 (either at the Berlin Swing Revolution or at any other event), you can use them this year, but with a small caveat: Since we are not offering Party Passes this year - which all free passes are - we would ask you kindly to upgrade them to full passes. If you don't want that, you can still keep it for next year.

These are you option:

  • upgrade to full pass: we will reduce your ticket price by 100€, please write in the comment field where you got the free pass
  • keep it for next year: just book your full pass, and use the pass next year.

COVID-19 Ticket Insurance

To make planning for you easier, we offer you the possibility to refund your ticket in case you get COVID-19 before or during the event. For just 15€, you can be sure that you don't loose all of your money in case you get sick. If you get CODID-19, we need either an official positive test result from you, or - in case it happens during the event - a positive test result under our supervision. To learn more about the COVID-19 policies of the event, please check here. The insurance will then cover:

  • until December 6, 2021 midnight: 100% of the ticket price
  • unitl December 10, 2021 midnight: 50% of the ticket price
  • unitl December 11, 2021 midnight: 25% of the ticket price

Without the insurance, you will not be able to get refunded in case of a COVID-19 infection

Thank you and see you in Berlin in December!