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Your ticket includes

  • 6 hours leveled workshops
  • 3 hours all-level workshops
  • 3 parties
  • access to competitions

COVID-19 Ticket Insurance

To make planning for you easier, we offer you the possibility to refund your ticket in case you get COVID-19 before or during the event. For just 15€, you can be sure that you don't loose all of your money in case you get sick. If you get CODID-19, we need either an official positive test result from you, or - in case it happens during the event - a positive test result under our supervision. To learn more about the COVID-19 policies of the event, please check here. The insurance will then cover:

  • until December 6, 2021 midnight: 100% of the ticket price
  • unitl December 10, 2021 midnight: 50% of the ticket price
  • unitl December 11, 2021 midnight: 25% of the ticket price

Without the insurance, you will not be able to get refunded in case of a COVID-19 infection

Thank you and see you in Berlin in December!

Warmup Event

Thursday Evening, we are having a warmup event at Schrittvermittlung (Naglerstraße 5, 10245 Berlin).

  • Access only for event participants
  • Warmup Workshop
  • Admission: 10€/ 5€ after midnight

Please check the schedule for details.